Tall Poppy talks!

If there's one thing we love almost as much as beer, it must talking about beer.

Oh dierbaar Biergeekland...

Jo Olluyn
May 2023 — 673 views

Gordon's Grellige Gruwel

Jo Olluyn
March 2023 — 745 views

Benchmark Breach!

Jo Olluyn
January 2023 — 809 views

Over Eten

Jo Olluyn
December 2022 — 991 views

Grimmig craftbier

Jo Olluyn
November 2022 — 1060 views

The Spirit of Things

Jo Olluyn
January 2021 — 3091 views


February 2018 — 6533 views

Dude, where's the brew?

June 2017 — 7250 views

Suddenly, a brewery appears

April 2017 — 7167 views

State of the Poppy: germinating

February 2017 — 7093 views

Something Stirs in the Undergrowth

November 2016 — 7210 views starting a brewery

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