Suddenly, a brewery appears

(Unboxing the Poppy)

We've been a busy lot this past month. From an empty warehouse to an almost-operational brewery, we've had fun unboxing all the various bits and pieces, and figuring out which bit goes where.

Here's some pics to keep you all informed and entertained.  

It's empty in here

...for now...


Odoo image and text block

A sunny day in March

and a truck rolls in, delivering seven crates of awesome to our doorstep.

Elbow grease is applied

and before long, the warehouse is no longer empty.

This is that picture which years from now will accompany the phrase:
"This is how it all started"

Odoo text and image block

And this

ladies and gentlemen,
is where the magic will happen.




With all this stuff unboxed, all that's left to do is finding out which bit goes where, and figuring out which bits are still missing in order for the impending Brew Day to not be a total disaster(*).

*) kindly interpret "total disaster" figuratively. We're confident no one will be hurt, injured or otherwise disposed when the day comes, but are prepared for all and any of the mild annoyances and loudly exclaimed WTFs that come with a new installation's first run. 

Speaking of bits and where they're supposed to go:

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

A mill!

A pulley!

A motor!



Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

A tank!    

Sitting on top of a tank!

Ah and manuals...

With all this new gear comes a big fat stack of manuals and instructions.

All in Italian, and various degrees of broken English..

Odoo text and image block

So yes, we're doing fine, thanks for asking. 
Do we have any beer yet? Sadly, no. Plannings imply delays, and we have plenty of those.

For now, patience is the word, but keepwatching this space for updates.

There'll be beer before too long.

We promise.


The astute reader (that's you, btw) may have noticed the abundance of widgetty styles and gizmos applied to this blog entry. Just like we need to figure out just how all that shiny new metal will produce beer, we needed to figure out just how all those gimmicky Odoo options translate into a blog post. We promise it won't happen again. Much.