Something Stirs in the Undergrowth

Tall Poppy emerges

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Excitement! (*)

After months of agonising number-crunching and sleepless tossing-and-turning, Tall Poppy brewing company is now an actual thing. A force to be reckoned with. A glimmer of hope in a darkening world.

There's still a little bit (°) of work that needs doing, but once all that's done, there will be beer, and much rejoicing. 

°) paperwork. Finding a location. More paperwork. Stock management. Paperwork regarding stock management. Glassware and its accompanying paperwork. Equipment and the paperwork that comes with it. More paperwork called excise tax. And some paperwork on the side. With extra paperwork to keep all the paperwork sorted out. The number of times I've been heard to mutter "I just wanted to brew beer" recently...

Until that time, we'll have to make do with a healthy dose of anticipation instead.